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Our passion for photography ignited in college as a means to creatively escape from the majors we had chosen. After years of chasing our art amateurly, we began dreaming of turning our passion into a company. Ten years into Lela and Lyla, we've grown to wholeheartedly believe that what you enjoy in your pastime should be what you pursue full-time. Committed to providing an experience, as well as beautiful imagery, we aim to reflect the vulnerable, in-between moments of your life and love.   

meet the photographers

We like to think that we're so much more than your photographers! 

We're ALL CAPS, over the top, bigger is better kind of girls! Bigger laughs, bigger smiles, we'll do whatever it takes (even known to make people run on their sessions). For us, movement brings your photos to life. You're going to get everything from serious and posed to dancing and silly (we can't help it... our brains on sessions function at 90mph).

what makes US different:

life and love should always be celebrated and cherished.

WE wholeheartedly believe that

Self-care, nothing makes our hearts race quite like a fresh manicure, tacos, and margaritas. 

Sneaking into our kids' room at night for extra snuggles.

Thankfully our husbands oblige our love and NEED for binging our favorite shows


Lela and Lyla is a marriage and milestone photography company based in Little Rock, AR.
Available for travel.